NEWS! My Animal Corner opened in Newsletter of Pianoforte Tuners’ Association

My animal corner has been opened in Newsletter of Pianoforte Tuners’ Association in the UK August 2018 issue! Beautiful cat Bimi made her debut →Piano Fairy Articles

イギリスのピアノ調律技術者協会 ニュースレター 2018年8月号に私の撮った動物たちの写真が掲載されるコーナーができました。是非、ご覧ください。


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YAMAHA G2 overhaul at Master Kabaya’s workshop in Japan

Hello everyone! I and Piano Fairy visited workshop of Master Nobuo Kabaya who is great master piano technicians in Japan. We have YAMAHA G2 overhaul in his workshop now. We are wonderful to see the piano. Piano Fairy said “I can check the finishing condition of a piano!!” 



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Fun visiting Ginza, Tokyo!

Hello again! We visited Yamano Music HQ which was one of the big agent of YAMAHA at Ginza, Tokyo. Seven story building each floor is displayed different musical instruments and also added small concert hall.



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Steinway model O with a little cellist

Hello Eri-san! My piano needs periodic maintenance today!

Eri さん、こんにちはー 今日は定期メンテナンスの日です。


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The Convention 2018 at Darlington, Durham 1

The annual P.T.A. Convention was held in the historic city of Darlington, North East England. Darlington is known for its rich engineering history with the birth of the modern railway.

今年のイギリスのピアノ調律技術者協会のコンベンションは、ヨークシャーの少し上に位置する Darlington で開かれました。ここは、工業技術でとても歴史ある所で、鉄道の発祥の地でもあるそうです。


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