Sakura in Tokyo 2017

Hello! Eri-san, I am here, here!! Eri さーん、ぼく、ここだよーここここー!   Inogashira Park 井の頭公園 read more » Piano Fairy? … 続きを読む

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Happy Easter! at St John’s Cathedral

May your Easter be filled with bright feelings and your hearts be filled with love and joy. Wishing you and yo … 続きを読む

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NEWS! book review Forest of Sheep and Steel

My article about book review “Forest of Sheep and Steel” appeared in Newsletter of Pianoforte Tune … 続きを読む

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Charlie the apprentice of Eri-san

Ho Ho Ho —!  I am Charlie the apprentice of Eri-san. Christmas is just around the corner!Merry Merry ♪♪ … 続きを読む

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Hello ASIA Hong Kong 2016
ハローアジア香港 2016 に記事が掲載されました

Hello Asia Hong Kong 2016 Article made by the Piano Fairy! Please see “Piano Fairy Articles” ハローアジ … 続きを読む

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