The Convention 2018 at Darlington, Durham 2

The convention is continued from 1.   コンベンション1からの続きです

– Exhibition –

Mr Neil Sale/KAWAI UK Ltd. It was good to see you again!
Piano concert by Julian Saphir with Shigeru Kawai concert grand.

ニールさん、お久しぶりです。Shigeru Kawai でピアノコンサートも。


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Beautiful countryside Yorkshire

Hello! I fund special entrance for my journey to Derlington and York by train from London at the King’s Cross station.



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YAMAHA U1 maintenance with Ms Bimi

Hello! I am Bimi. My loved piano needs good maintenance so, Eri-san is here!
The meaning of my name is “beautiful sea” by Japanese.

私の大好きなピアノは、いいメンテナンスが必要なので、Eri さんが来てくれました!


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Eastertide with St Stephen’s Chorale

Hello! I am Piano Fairy. I know Eri-san is busy for singing during Easter season. There is a very nice a little chapel in Stanley. Here she is!

こんにちは!私、ピアノフェアリー。Eri さんはイースターの時期、歌が忙しいの。スタンレーにステキな小さい教会がるんだけど、Eri さんはそこにいるわよ!

St Stephen’s Chapel Stanley

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Happy Easter! with St John’s Cathedral Choir

This Easter may your hearts be filled with love, peace and joy!


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