Blessing from Heaven

“Hope” with my prayer.
The double rainbow appeared in front of Piano Fairy around 6:30am on 5 July.


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The Convention 2019 at Sharnbrook, Bedford

Hello! Piano Fairy and I were in England!
The annual P.T.A. Convention was held in the beautiful countryside at Sharnbrook in the heart of the North Bedfordshire.



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Wonderful little town St Albans, Hertfordshire

After the convention, I and Piano Fairy visited St Albans, Hertfordshire. This is wonderful place! 



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American square piano 138 years old with Nalla-chan

Ho ho ho –!! I am very glad to see you, Eri-san. I was bone in 1881, U.S. and am quite different from modern piano. It would be great if you could give me a good care!

ほっほっほー わしは Eri さんにお会いできて、光栄じゃぞ。1881年にアメリカで生まれたんじゃ。現代のピアノとはずいぶん違うんじゃが、ケアをお願いできるかの?


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Easter Blessings with St John’s Cathedral Choir

May your Easter be filled with bright feelings and your hearts be filled with love and joy. 

St John’s Cathedral

We, Cathedral choir has finished Easter Vigil service tonight.
And also we sang Musical Devotion; John Stainer/The Crucifixion with solo and choir with organ on 17 April in Holy Week.  “God so loved the world” is included in this music. It’s beautiful and my favourite.

復活祭のお祝いでお花がたくさんの大聖堂は、とってもきれい。今夜は Easter Vigil 特別礼拝で歌ったところです。また、4月17日にはイギリスの作曲家 John Stainer キリストの受難のオラトリオを、キリスト、弟子たちをソロ、合唱、オルガンで演奏しました。この中に含まれているGod so loved the world はとてもきれいな曲で、私も大好きです。

Happy Easter!


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