Schiedmayer and Soehne 106 years old piano

Ho Ho Ho — I am very old Piano Fairy 106 years old. Eri-san, I am so glad to see you again! How are you?

ホーホーホー 私は106歳のピアノフェアリーじゃ。Eri さん、また会えて光栄じゃぞ。元気にされておったかの?


I maintained him 7 years ago and he has come back to me again. How nice to see you again, old Piano Fairy! Thank you.



Old piano needs extra loving care that is considered possibility to conserve the instrument in an acceptable playing condition. Let’s doing a major clean up the piano!




There is a corrosion of metal by longtime use. I have been cleaning the surface and under the keys, cleaning the balance hole and polishing the balance & front pins. Piano fairy said “I feel refreshed after cleaning inside the piano!!” It’s good!



Well, finally we are going to tune the piano. There is a different pattern of the tuning pins particularly the old piano. He needs to use a little small star pattern. 


The piano is now a joy to play! 
♪ Hark! the herald angels sing ♪