The Tokyo Gala Concert 120th Deutsche Grammophon

Congratulations on the 120 years of Deutsche Grammophon! ドイツ・グラモフォン・レコード創立120周年 おめでとう! Our highly respected Ma … 続きを読む

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Eastertide with St Stephen’s Chorale

Hello! I am Piano Fairy. I know Eri-san is busy for singing during Easter season. There is a very nice a littl … 続きを読む

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Russian National Orchestra with Shigeru Kawai

I and the Piano Fairy went to the special concert last night at the Concert Hall, Hong Kong Cultural Centre. R … 続きを読む

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Concert of Los Angeles Philharmonic

I went to Hong Kong Cultural Centre for the concert of Gustavo Dudamel and LA Phil tonight with the Piano Fair … 続きを読む

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Sing with Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and Orchestra Chorus will have special concert for celebrating 25th anniv … 続きを読む

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