The Tokyo Gala Concert 120th Deutsche Grammophon

Congratulations on the 120 years of Deutsche Grammophon! ドイツ・グラモフォン・レコード創立120周年 おめでとう! Our highly respected Ma … 続きを読む

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YAMAHA G2 overhaul at Master Kabaya’s workshop in Japan

Hello everyone! I and Piano Fairy visited workshop of Master Nobuo Kabaya who is great master piano technician … 続きを読む

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Fun visiting Ginza, Tokyo!

Hello again! We visited Yamano Music HQ which was one of the big agent of YAMAHA at Ginza, Tokyo. Seven story … 続きを読む

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SAKURA, Cherry blossoms are full bloom in Japan!

Hello! I am Karin. I have received the photos of SAKURA from my friend in Nagoya. It’s very beautiful! T … 続きを読む

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Sakura in Tokyo 2017

Hello! Eri-san, I am here, here!! Eri さーん、ぼく、ここだよーここここー!   Inogashira Park 井の頭公園 read more » Piano Fairy? … 続きを読む

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