American square piano 138 years old with Nalla-chan

Ho ho ho –!! I am very glad to see you, Eri-san. I was bone in 1881, U.S. and am quite different from mo … 続きを読む

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Bösendorfer 225 restring bass string with Mau and Coco

Hello Eri-san! I am Mau. Thank you very much for maintaining my loved piano every time. My piano needs replaci … 続きを読む

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Ottostein maintenance with Chanti

Hello! I am Chanti. I have just got the piano in my home. I think my piano seems to be sick… need good d … 続きを読む

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Steinway model O with a little cellist

Hello Eri-san! My piano needs periodic maintenance today! Eri さん、こんにちはー 今日は定期メンテナンスの日です。    read more » P … 続きを読む

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YAMAHA U1 maintenance with Ms Bimi

Hello! I am Bimi. My loved piano needs good maintenance so, Eri-san is here! The meaning of my name is “ … 続きを読む

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