Fun visiting Ginza, Tokyo!

Hello again! We visited Yamano Music HQ which was one of the big agent of YAMAHA at Ginza, Tokyo. Seven story … 続きを読む

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Glenn Gould plays Byrde and Gibbons, and Japanese goodies

Hello! I am Karin. Look! I have received something special from Japan.  こんにちはー ぼくかりんです!日本から素敵なものが届きました。    rea … 続きを読む

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Smile for Tohoku, reconstruction support お菓子で東北支援

Hello! I am Karin. I have received special cake box from Japan!This is for reconstruction support of the Great … 続きを読む

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Dartmoor National Park and Exeter!

Hello! I am Karin. My mum and Piano Fairy with their friends went to Dartmoor National Park to meet wild ponie … 続きを読む

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Japanese sweet from the Piano Fairy

Hello! I am Karin. I have received something very special today from the Piano Fairy. What is this?  こんにちはー ぼく … 続きを読む

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