Pet with Gracious Piano – Photo Album

Animals around me always. They can talk with the Piano Fairy!

*If you would like to have printable version of them, please feel free to contact me.
プリントされたい場合には、別ファイルをお送りいたしますのでどうぞご連絡ください。 All photos used with permission.

2012 No.7
Cha Cha with SAUTER
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2012 No.6
Yoko & Khublai with YAMAHA C2


bull with yamaha
2012 No.5
Bull with YAMAHA


2011 No.4
Teddy & Leilanie with piano


2011 No.3
Snuff with KAWAI


charlie with yamaha
2011 No.2
Charlie with YAMAHA


2011 No.1
Sandy with Bosendorfer