Bösendorfer model 225 with Coco

Hello, Eri-san! I am Coco. I am happy to see you again. I have very special piano with additional four keys to subcontra F. The piano is rich and beautiful Viennese sound.

こんにちは Eri さん!私、ココ。また会えてうれしいわー 私のピアノはとってもスペシャル。最低音Fまで4鍵余分にあるの。豊かで美しいウィーンの音色よ。


Dear Coco, thank you very much for maintaining the room environment very well. She is excellent manager of the piano room. 



Cleaning inside the piano ♪♪ My favourite Dyson vacuum cleaner!

ピアノのお掃除  ♪♪ 私のお気に入り、Dyson の掃除機です。



“Keep calm” I am waiting you…. sleepy … zzz 

“おとなしく” 待ってるよー ねむーい zzz


Dear Coco, thank you so much for waiting me. Finished!


See you!