C. Bechstein full maintenance with Zuma Day2

Hello! Zuma again. Full maintenance of the piano is continuing now!

こんにちはー またぼくだよ!ズマです。ぼくのピアノのフル整備は続いています。


The room environment is good! The Piano Fairy is very happy about it.


Next is regulation. The key levelling and depth adjustment is important for evenness. The paper punching with different thickness is used for the adjustment.



The visual contact works best for final check.


The alignment of each contact points of the action is important for the movement.


After finished tuning, Piano Fairy told me that recalled the sound from Germany.


Eri-san has a special skill to create European sound for the piano.  Dear Zuma, Thank you very much for waiting me!

Eri さんは、特別なスキルを持っていて、ヨーロッパの音色を作ることができるんだよ。  ズマ君、待っていてくれて、どうもありがとう!

See you!