KAWAI K-8 with HK actor, Mr Michael Wong 2

Eri-san,  Where are you –??? I can not find you at the studio. The piano is waiting you!
Oh -! The Piano Fairy is calling me now. I am here!

Eri さーん どこにいるの?スタジオで見つからないよ。ピアノが待ってるよ!

MW2 Clipper12

Here is the China Clipper’s helipad, located on 30/F of The Peninsula Hotel.
Michael is known as heli-pilot!! This is fantastic sightseeing service in Hong Kong particularly together with MW, and best way to explore spectacular view of Victoria Harbour, is provided by Heliservices (HK) Ltd. 

ここは、チャイナ・クリッパーのヘリポートで、香港ペニンシュラ・ホテルの30 階にあります。マイケルさんはヘリのパイロットでも良く知られており、ヴィクトリア・ハーバーのすばらしい景色を空からマイケルさんと一緒に楽しめます。観光にとってもお勧め!

Clipper1 view from the Clipper lounge

Well, It’s time for the piano maintenance ♪♪

さてさて、ピアノのメンテナンスの時間です ♪♪

K-8 2

The Piano Fairy told me that the piano needs to regulate hammers alignment today.


K-8 3 K-8 4

After finished the adjustment, the sound is more even now. it’s really nice sound!



Piano Fairy ?? Where are you –? Finished!



Eri-san, “I’ll be back!” (Schwarzenegger??)

Eri さーん、I’ll be back! (シュワルッツネッガー???)

K-8 1

Dear Michel, Thank you very, very much indeed.