KAWAI KG-2D with Rosie

Hello Eri-san! I am very pleased to welcome you again. This is my favourite piano needs a good maintenance. 

こんにちはーEri さん!またお越し頂けて、とってもうれしいわ。私のお気に入りのピアノは良いメンテナンスが必要なのー


Dear Rosie, How wonderful to see you again today! 



Eri-san, The weather is nice today, isn’t it? But there is a high humidity level every day in Hong Kong–xxx The Piano Fairy told me the periodic maintenance is very important for keeping my piano in good condition.

Eri さん、今日はとってもいいお天気よね。でも湿度がとても高い香港。ピアノフェアリーが、定期メンテナンスはピアノを良い状態に保つのにとても大切だって教えてくれたの。

The weather in Hong Kong is a subtropical climate. There is a humidity level around 80-90% even on sunny days which is very high. This can cause the wood in the piano to alternately shrink and then expand, causing tuning to become rather unstable. Humidity can also affect the operation of moving parts.


Everyone, please maintain your room condition properly for your loved piano!


I am happy, happy, happppppy ♪♪

とーってもハッピー ♪♪