KAWAI US-55 with Toby

Hello! I am Toby 2 years old. Look! I am so excited to see inside the piano like this! 

こんにちはー ぼく、トビーです。2歳なの。見て!ピアノの中が見えるなんて、すっごーい わくわくしちゃう!

Toby 5 Toby 2

Eri-san, I am also good friend of the Piano Fairy. Can I help you with something? 

Eri さん、ぼくねピアノフェアリーともとっても仲良しなんだ。ぼくがお手伝いできることある?

Toby 4

Dear Toby, Thank you so much for your kindness. Let’s cleaning inside the piano!


Kawai 1 

Clean, clean clean ♪♪♪ きれい きれい きれい

Toby 3 Toby 1

Eri-san, this is my favourite toys. Shall we play with a toy?

Eri さん、これぼくのお気に入り。おもちゃで一緒に遊ばない?

Kawai 2 

Dear Toby, I am going to tune the piano now. Please wait me a while.


Kawai 3 Kawai 4

Finished! The Piano Fairy told me the sound is very nice.



Dear Toby, Thank you so much. 


See you!