Piano maintenance for a birthday present ピアノ調律メンテナンスをバースディ・プレゼント

I received a special order from my client for piano maintenance as a birthday gift for his loved one. The piano fairy and I were happy to prepare such a special event.


The maintenance included basic maintenance, regulation and piano tuning over a full day service with flowers and birthday card message from the piano fairy!

If you would like to have special present for your loved one, how about the piano maintenance like this? The piano fairy and I will create a good sound with our heart.
あなたも、ピアノ調律メンテナンスを大切な方へのプレゼントにされてはいかがでしょうか? ピアノフェアリーと私が、心を込めて良い音をお届けいたします。



カテゴリー: Basic maintenance, Other, Piano, Regulation, Tuning タグ: パーマリンク