YAMAHA U3 first year maintenance with Mr Ming

Hello everyone! I am Ming. My piano needs first year maintenance so, Eri-san is here!


 U3 1 Ming 4

The piano needs to settle itself into the new home environment during the year. Pianos use living breathing materials, that includes pieces of cloth, felt, and buckskin, as well as wool, wood and metal so, there is movement from time to time due to the room environment. As a result of this movement, regulation is necessary today.

新しいピアノは、倉庫からお家に運ばれてきて1年くらいの間に、そこの場所の新しい環境に徐々に馴染んできます。 ピアノは、ウールのフェルト、バックスキン、木などの自然素材、そして金属部分でできていますので、お部屋の環境と共に動きが出ます。今日は、このピアノの始めての整調です。


U3 2 Ming 8


Eri-san, Please let me help your work! 
Thank you, Ming. The hammer needs to align properly.


U3 3 U3 4


Look! There is a big gap on the surface of the keyboard. The Key levelling and depth adjustment is used the paper punching with different thickness.


U3 5 U3 6


Oh —!! There is something…xxx  Dear Ming, Did you put your toy in here?

あれれ?何かあるよー ミン君、ここに君のおもちゃ置いたの?

Ming 1 Ming 2


Eri-san, When do you finish your work? 
Dear Ming, Thank you very much for waiting me. I will finish it soon.


U3 10 Ming 3


The visual contact works best for final check.



Ming 5 Ming 6

Dear Ming, I fund the other little friend of you again under the piano —!!!


The end.