YAMAHA U3 maintenance with Lily and Truffle-Day2
リリーとトラッフルとピアノの整備 2日目

Eri-san is continuing the maintenance of my piano! Look! My piano is getting better!

Eri さんはメンテナンスを続けています。見てー!私のピアノさん、良くなってきたわ!


The Piano Fairy told me that the periodic maintenance is very important for keeping my piano in good condition.



Purpose of basic maintenance is to reduce friction. I have been cleaning the surface and under the keys, cleaning the balance hole and polishing the balance & front pins. After that, the movement of the key is smooth.



Piano Fairy said “I feel refreshed after cleaning inside the piano!!” Next is tuning.


Eri-san, My piano is really very nice sound. The keys are moving smooth now! Thank you so much.

Eri さん、私のピアノは、とっても素敵な音がするわ。鍵盤もとってもスムーズに動くわ。ありがとう!

Do you know? The sound is vibration and energy. The Piano Fairy told me that animals are very pure beings so that they naturally recognize the pure energy and a good sound. The clear and a good sound also affects the flow of energy in the room, and it will purify the room and reduce the energy level, as well as giving a healing environment to all of us which is beneficial. I think this is one of the reasons why acoustic musical instruments continue to be loved more than 200 years by many people!



See you!  またねー

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