YAMAHA U3 with Maggie and Max

Hello Eri-san! I am Maggie and this is Max. We are happy to meet you today again.

Eri さん、こんにちは!私、マギー。私たち今日また会えて、うれしいわ。

U3 1  Maggie & Max


Thank you very much for taking care of our piano every time. Piano Fairy told us that he is not so well recently. Could you please examine him?


Hammeer butt plate  Max5

Humm… Oh! Most of the action screws loosened due to the season changes from winter to spring. This tiny little screw is for the hammer butt plate.

どれどれ、あらー 冬から春の季節の変わり目で、ほとんどのアクションのネジが弛んでいます。この小さなネジは、ハンマーバットプレートのものです。

U3 3  U3 4

Dear Max, He needs treatment which is tighten all the action screws and checking movement of the action flanges and keyboards. Please don’t worry. He will be fine!


U3 5  

The basic maintenance is required each season to check the action and do minor regulation, such as today, particularly in the weather of subtropical climate in HK. Next is tuning!


Max 3  Max 1

I love my piano– ♪♪♪

 ぼくの大好きなピアノー♪♪♪ すりすりー

Max 4

Dear Max and Maggie, Thank you so much for today. 
See you!