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Steinway model O with a little cellist

Hello Eri-san! My piano needs periodic maintenance today! Eri さん、こんにちはー 今日は定期メンテナンスの日です。   

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YAMAHA G2 filing of hammer

Hello! YAMAHA G2 needs filling of hammers today. Piano Fairy told me that the piano is nearly 30 years old and … 続きを読む

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Piano maintenance at Consulate-General of Japan

I am greatly honoured to be able to maintain the piano regularly at the Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kon … 続きを読む

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Young Chang G-150 with Yatzu

Hello! I am Yatzu. I am waiting for Eri-san to come here for maintenance of my piano now! こんにちは!ぼくヤツです。Eri さんが … 続きを読む

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YAMAHA C108 basic maintenance

This little one needs basic maintenance today. Let’s clean inside the piano first.Oh — This is my … 続きを読む

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