Piano maintenance

Hello! YAMAHA G2 needs filling of hammers today. Piano Fairy told me that the piano is nearly 30 years old and amount of usage is high so, the hammer felt is worn out.

こんにちは 今日、このピアノはハンマーのファイリングが必要です。ピアノフェアリーが、このピアノさんは30歳近くて、たくさん弾かれているから、ハンマーが磨耗してしまったっと教えてくれました。

G2 5  

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I am greatly honoured to be able to maintain the piano regularly at the Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong. I and the Piano Fairy have had a chance to meet Ambassador of Consulate-General of Japan, Mr Hitoshi and Ms Chiyoe Noda!


CGJ 1-2


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