Fun visiting Ginza, Tokyo!

Hello again! We visited Yamano Music HQ which was one of the big agent of YAMAHA at Ginza, Tokyo. Seven story … 続きを読む

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Steinway model O with a little cellist

Hello Eri-san! My piano needs periodic maintenance today! Eri さん、こんにちはー 今日は定期メンテナンスの日です。   

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Vintage NY Steinway model L maintenance
ヴィンテージNYスタインウェイ のメンテナンス

Hello Eri-san! Ho ho ho — I am special vintage piano from NY and feel not so well. I am very happy to se … 続きを読む

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Steinway model O with special insulator

Hello! I am Steinway from Vienna. I need periodic maintenance today!Merry Merry ♪♪ Christmas is just around th … 続きを読む

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Steinway model O from Vienna

Hello Eri-san, I am the Piano Fairy and have just arrived from Vienna! こんにちは Eri さん、ぼくはウィーンからやって来たところなんだ!  

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